Tuesday, 19 January 2016

12th British Championship in ARDF


9th May: The, provisional, results are up http://www.nationalradiocentre.co.uk/ardf/results.html
and so are the photos https://flic.kr/s/aHskzNRPMW

The RSGB are hosting three days of open ARDF competition in the spring of 2016. There will be Sprint, 2m and 80m Classic ARDF Courses

In addition the 12th British ARDF Championships will be contested.

The events will be located in near to Birmingham in the West Midlands - venues less than one hour from Birmingham Airport.

Bob G3ORY is confident that David M3WDD will do a good job this year
We are taking expressions of interest and even entries. Please register your interest now by emailing the organiser on...

To enter please send:

Given Name, Family Name, Callsign, Club/Association, Country, SI Chip Number or "hire" If you wish to borrow a chip for the event, class entered and days entered.

If you wish to borrow receivers - either 2m or 80m - please let us know now - we have a limited number of each. Entry fees will be collected on the morning of the competition.

The Weather Forecast


OK so yr.no is generally the best but...

The BBC have some funky maps and their data comes from the UK Met office and has been corrected for local terrain: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2655603

The Competitions

Day 1 - Friday (evening) 6th May - Sprint Style ARDF on the 80m band

Image (c) https://www.flickr.com/photos/basegreen/ who writes:
 "This is the area where JRR Tolkien grew up, and cited as his inspiration for the Lord of the Rings novels, and the Hobbit."

At the Lickey Hills Country Park - on the south side of Birmingham.  35 minutes from Birmingham Airport and close to the M5 and M432 motorways.  Known as 'Little Switzerland' (don't get your hopes up) Lickey Hills has a cafe (closes at 17:50) and a variety of terrain including heath and woodland.

Timings (provisional)
Registration opens:      16:45
First Start:                      17:10 (earlier if I get all the Tx out in time)
Last Start:                      18:30 (later if you let me know and will help collect Tx after the race)
Course closes:             19:30

  Day 2 - Saturday (afternoon) 7th May - Classic Style ARDF on the 2m  band


The Wyre Forest- ancient woodland last used in its entirety for the British Orienteering Championships in 1985 (it rained).  There is a very nice visitor centre, with a cafĂ©, toilets, an aerial ropeway (Go Ape!) and a Saturday parkrun at 09:00 (bring your barcode)

Starts will be from 13:00 to 13:40
Competitors will walk to the start together. We will leave from registration at 12:20

Day 3 - Sunday (morning) 8th May - Classic Style ARDF on the 80m band

Meeting at the same place as Saturday - but the start will be in a different location.  We will arrange a car shuttle


Heritage Railway serves Bewdley - 5km from the venue

Day 1 is easily accessible using public transport (train or bus).  So will be days 2 and 3 but at weekends buses will be sparse (train to Kidderminster or Bewdley and then bus to the race venue)

The Sunday race will finish early to allow competitors to make Sunday afternoon flights.

As is standard practice in the UK competitors will be responsible for their own transport

Given prior notice we may be able to organise transport to and from the competition forests to local hotels or rail/bus stations. This is not guaranteed. Please contact the organiser to discuss well in advance of the event.


As is standard GB practice competitors will be responsible for their own accommodation arrangements.

There are plenty of hotels! Chains such as PREMIER INN, TRAVELODGE offer good deals if you book early.

You will also find caravan and camping sites close by.

Entry Fees

This year we may have to pay to use two of the areas (these belong to the government and are free open access but there is a charge for organised activities) and make a donation to the local nature trust.

Race to get your entry in first...

Entry fees are:

Day 1 -£5
Day 2 - £10
Day 3 - £10

Entry fees will be payable, in Cash (GBP) and in full upon arrival at Day 1 registration.

There will be a reduced price for Junior competitor.

All very good value - the British Orienteering Champs max out at £30 per day.

To enter please send:

Given Name, Family Name, Callsign, Club/Association, Country, SI Chip Number or "hire" if you wish to borrow a chip for the event, class entered and days entered. If you wish to borrow receivers - either 2m or 80m - please let us know now - we have a limited number of each.
(Information For Overseas Competitors)

'Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo'*

The weather in May can vary between 25 degrees, dead calm and sun (hooray!) and 6 degrees, rain, sleet, hail and gale force winds (boo!).

Normally it is warm and sunny but please come prepared! If the weather is really bad the organisers may require competitors to carry a waterproof raincoat (aka cagoule)

*'Don't leave off your coat till May 40th'

Celebration Meal

Please note will be a meal not a hamfest - no need to dress up!

The Saturday Meal will be at:


The Little Pack Horse
31 High Street
DY12 2DH

Tel 01299 403762

 Bewdley is very busy - we have our table from 18:00 until 20:00 - there is a garden out the back where we can finish off desserts or have coffee. Please aim to arrive close to 18:00. There is limited parking and I expect it to be full - suggest you park in one of the public car parks and walk the short distance.

The Small Print

In the case of cancellation or curtailment of the competition the organisers accept no liability for competitors personal committed or incurred costs. We reserve the right to retain all or part of any entry fee or other monies paid to cover organisers costs, in the case where these costs cannot be recovered.


The organiser can be contacted by email using...

Please send an email - to enter, register your interest and to ask any questions that you may have.